– Cathy Schock

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I Will Make You Fishers Of Men
Change Is Inevitable

By Utilizing Art Of My Beloved:

Painter of Worship

I took up a challenge presented by a young dance leader in 2006 to pray first and then paint while I worshiped! As a BFA artist, suddenly I experienced God shifting the atmosphere to an “Open Heaven” experience as He revealed His Heart through His Word. Since that day, I began to paint expressions of hope, healings, miracles and testimonies.

Author and Encourager

Sometimes in life, challenges seem unanswered, uncertain and endless these days. I feel like an endangered species being married 45 years, raising our four children as I overcame deep depression and suicidal thoughts. I have written stories which activate, encourage and deepen your roots of faith in an e-book using Philippians 4 as the foundation.

Global Prayer Leader

I carried many disappointments for years until the King of kings called my name to experience a life-changing encounter with God! One day, a friend gave me a Bible and I actually made a wise decision to open it, to read it regularly and write in a journal! Then I was challenged to begin my new life by following the ACTS method for the next 30 days!

This journey in Art with my paint brush and colors, precious friend is where the heartbeat of My Father dwells. It is my honor to pray and to paint in the Spirit, to proclaim the Good News, set the captives free and release a future hope into the lives of others. It is just like waking up daily to the quiet, glorious, light of the sunrise each morning!

If you are ready to take next steps in achieving Pray 4 More Joy or if you would like to learn more About how Art Of My Beloved can get you moving in the right direction, get started here.

Within minutes Micah received complete healing of color blindness from his birth and we all thanked God and gave Him all the glory for this miracle!

Last week I saw Jimmie at church with a big smile on his face filled with JOY and restored health from all devastating digestive issues after four months!

See What Others Say About Cathy….

It has been a privilege to train and to equip ordained Minister, Cathy Schock. I can say without a doubt, her life touches many as she is a great carrier of such inspirational and transformation messages! Her artwork is done through the Spirit and her anointing, changes the atmosphere! I highly recommend her for speaking engagements!

Apostle and Dr. Elizabeth McBurrows Rio Rancho, New Mexico

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when you came to the microphone, but was immediately surprised that it wasn’t the same kind of thing at other events. Thank you for providing your artwork in prints and silks so we may remember the Spirit-led time together. Your pieces remind us of GOD’s Heart toward us each day!

Beth Bayliff, president Of Lima Aglow – Lima,Ohio

Since our first meeting at Toledo House Of Prayer event, I can say it has been completely worth the time and effort watching you paint live at our weekly worship gatherings. I have watched how people’s lives are touched uniquely by GOD’s Spirit through the Arts. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and with many others!

Denise Emerine, Director of Greater Toledo House Of Prayer

Because of my broken heart in 2012, I look back at the day I decided to take the next steps to experience such healing for quite some time now! I can say without a doubt, the worship changed my life! Thank you for everything you have done and for putting together such a great program. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking into it!

Victoria Bell, Director of Bethlehem Dance Education