Cathy M. Schock, has been an ordained evangelistic minister since 2010.  She is known by her deep love, passion, and joy from the Lord! She ministers through painting images, singing, dancing, writing, and speaking encouragement to individuals or groups. In 1995, the Lord has given her Isaiah 62 as His Word to stand firm and to believe His Will to be done in Findlay, Ohio and Hancock County. She and her husband, Larry, witness this Word coming alive not only for them personally but also in the lives of others regionally!  Also since their move recently, Larry still enjoys growing, showing and judging all his roses in the Lord, His Master Gardener!!! Together, artist and gardener, compliment each other well in all they do for the King!

In November 2005, she realizes the Lord’s Spirit was working through her Art pieces, creating changes in atmospheres and restoring people’s lives. In her studio or as she travels, she worships and gets filled with much joy! She has earned a BFA in Oil Painting and has won numerous awards. Currently, she uses pastels and exploring mixed media.

A professional photographer encouraged her to produce cards and prints of her work. Also, in March 2010, the Lord broke her heart for children. She is desiring to encourage youth and partner with those who have hearts to combine Art expressions and God’s Spirit of Love and Truth. “How Great Thou Art” sessions are delayed currently to children grades 6 – 12. Cathy has received several years of training and equipping through Apostle and Dr. Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows ministry (WWACI), Women With A Call International ministry and Candace Long, is the president of Creativity Institute. Candace was the former president of National League American Pen Women, (NLAPW), an 1897 organization started by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s niece.

Cathy has an interest as a Christian, to learn and to receive more understanding of the Jewish heritage. She also has been called by God to pray each week locally for the staff of the City of Findlay, the Courthouse staff, Hancock County leaders, the Findlay Art League, and local businesses. In 2013, she was invited to host a Bible study held at Marathon Petroleum Inc. each week for about 2 years. She continues to do commission works and is currently in the process of writing a book, called “One Who Is.” She has a goal of establishing a House Of Prayer in Findlay, Ohio through artists in the Kingdom and designing a “King’s Room” in homes and  businesses.