Cathy was saved on May 17, 1987. She began the first Moms In Prayer group for Van Buren Schools, which is still currently active.
Then in 1990, she established the first 90-hour Bible Reading Marathon which needed 368 families.

In January 1995, Cathy prayed and fasted for 40 days. Several months later, GOD revealed a vision to her at a Lima Aglow conference. He gave her Isaiah 62 as His Word to pray and to believe for in Findlay, Ohio and Hancock County and beyond. She and her friend, Janis drew, sewed and created two 10′ x 12′ banners from that Word. Through the years, these banners have been used at NDP, 90-hour Bible Reading Marathons, and displayed in a number of local churches.

In 2010, God revealed another vision for her to lead a team of four professional artists to do a piece called: “Under His Wings” based on Psalm 91. It is 10′ x 15′ piece done in 14 hours of an eagle. It was dedicated and presented to the Mayor and to the City Council members on the third floor of the City Municipal building.

From 2011-2015, God revealed to Cathy to host four worship gatherings once each year. A tent was placed at her home in Van Buren, with easels for children and other artists to paint live before the Lord. Anointed leaders and musicians came from different states and nations.